Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Male Gaze

Laura Mulvey instigated The Male Gaze which is how an audience views the people being presented. In 1975 Laura created the term "male gaze" to ensure film audiences view the characters from the perspective of a heterosexual male.
Things in media such as videos and magazine covers, use figures to catch the gaze and sell the product to people. An audience can be easily distracted by the gesture of what's being presented for an advert for a product rather than paying full attention to what the product actually sells.
The theory is still relevant today because all media companies encourage this way of advertising through using famous music artists and various other types of celebrities or models to publicise products by using their aesthetically pleasing looks to encourage sales of the product.
Theory used In this picture because of the use of the full body image and shows off her physique which appeals to men because it is 'selling sex' and makes it more appealing for people that would like that and would make them want to buy the magazine. She is also posing in a sexual position that shows off her body and makes certain parts of her body, such as the breasts and bum stand out more to make It more sexual and seduces the reader.

In this scene it makes the male gaze because it is of two women that are attractive and it shows off a 'fantasy' because of the kiss and the use of them sitting together and sort of teasing each other.  

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