Sunday, 8 September 2013


Representation of Doug Bihlmaier
  • Lower class with old patched up clothing but clean and the patches were neat.
  • Quite old from 55-65 years old.
  • Didn't look clean with a long un trimmed or shaven beard.
  • He was smoking which made me think that he, if he was homeless, is that he values smoking more than he values food and drink.
  • White ethnicity.
Where as when we learnt about his and his profession we learnt that he works for Ralph Lauren furnishing all the shops world wide and earns hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Representation of Ted Bundy
  • White male.
  • High Class - High quality clean clothes.
  • Clean cut hair and shaven face.
  • Looks like he is working in an important job with the papers that he is holding.
  • 30-40 years old.
  • Looked very intelligent.
Where as when we learnt about his story I was right about him being clever but wrong about the rest. We learnt that he wasn't at his job he was in court because he was a convicted murderer of over 30 women. we also found out that he had broken out of prison as well before.

Representation of Anna Piaggi
  • Strange appearance with bright and extravagant clothing.
  • Looked higher class with expensive clothing e.g. real fur coat.
  • Thought she could be working in entertainment and she's just wearing a costume.
  • Outside expensive apartments and important buildings.
When we learnt her story she actually was rich and famous as a fashion writer and was known for wearing something different every day.

Self Representation

I see myself as being new casual and creative.
New Casuals are passionate about underground, electronic synth-based music – but as soon as it becomes predictable or overplayed, they’re on to the next thing. United by their love of sports, Saturday afternoons revolve around watching football over a pint, hanging with mates – then off to a dingy club later on. Sharing links with the 1980s Casual subculture, the New Casuals are indeed boozy, football mad and smartly dressed – but they certainly aren’t thugs.
Mostly middle class males living in big cities, as early teens these guys would have been big drum and bass fans – but they wouldn’t be caught dead listening to the ‘commercial’ producers now. The New Casual sound isn’t genre specific, but they love chilled out beats and are loyal to the artists and producers they consider innovative, constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries.
Their understated, highly conscious approach to music also applies to fashion – they spend time, effort and big money investing in their low-key style. Part urban, part street, part Scandinavian cool; it’s about looking like you haven’t tried – even though you obviously have! Opposed to anything they consider contrived or hyped up, the New Casuals are innately cool – embodying a lifestyle younger males often want to emulate.
Creatives are motivated by the desire to produce original content and pursue their dreams as a ‘career creative’ – it’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. This Tribe unites various disciplines including (but not limited to) fashion, art, design, music, photography, dance and drama – with members collaborating on projects to get their work out in the world.
Creatives sit in the middle of the planning segments, drawing members of both sexes from diverse backgrounds unified by their inventiveness. It takes time to be a true Creative and develop the confidence, skills and connections to actively participate in the scene – so members tend to be over 20. United by their open-minded outlook, Creatives will often seek inspiration in the most unexpected of places, from a weekly shop at Sainsbury’s to Les Sapeurs, an African style tribe.
The Tribe mentality is all about developing their skills and working hard – even when this means living on a budget. Similar to the Get Paid Crew, Creatives are driven by success and are one of the best connected and hardest working Tribes – many funding their studio rents with part-time work. They aren’t bothered by fleeting trends and have no time for throwaway culture –  attracted to provenance and brand histories that reflect their own values.

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