Thursday, 26 September 2013

GHD Advert

The first thing you notice as you look at the advert is the woman's red dress, This connotes passion, love and power. The fact that the poster claims that GHD is a 'new religion' expresses that it is not just a product, but a way of life. The title 'And there she was an urban angel, made not born' connotes that the GHD products can turn you into an 'Angel' even if you aren't naturally beautiful. The pipes and brick walls in the background of the shot connote an urban environment and feel to the poster, and the urban feel anchors in with the title where the lady is referred to as an 'Urban angel.' The woman is very contradictory, she seems to have a slight dark& evilly seductive persona. But at the same time she has angelic features, such as the two angels holding a halo above her head. Many aspects of the advertisement connote religious themes. For example there are three 'simple' men surrounding a woman with high status, symbolic of the bible story of Mary& the Three Wise Men. Also she seems to look like she has walked down from heaven, to the depths of hell. And yet she still looks elegant an beautiful. These connotations anchor with the text at the bottom right side of the page where GHD refer to themselves as a 'New religion'. This expresses connotations and a comparison with the bible.

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