Thursday, 3 October 2013

Super Heros Homework

Year it started: May 1939
Publisher: DC Comics
Film? There are 31 short films, films and videos.
Other media: Comic books, Games, Animated Series.

Iron Man
Year it started: March 1963
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Film? 3 Iron Man Films and Appears in 'The Avengers'
Other media: Comic, Animated Series.

Captain America
Year it started: March 1941
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Film? 8 Movies and appeared in 'The Avengers'
Other media: Comic, Animated series, Game.

The Flash
Year it started: January 1940
Publisher: DC Comics
Film? No Films
Other media: Comic.

Green Lantern
Year it started: July 1940
Publisher: DC Comics
Film? One Film
Other media: Comic, Toys.

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